We have one simple goal: to entertain, inform and inspire without offense.

We believe high-quality entertainment doesn’t need to resort to films soaked in blood, casual sex and profanity. Having worked in the film and music industry, We have come to realize many people within that system do not care about promoting the human spirit. Working outside that system is the best way to provide an alternative to their films.

We would like to be a part of the trained crew to produce high-quality production values to provide a new standard of motion pictures. We are an endeavour to create films that promote the human spirit, underpinned by solid moral values, encouraging hope and faith in the face of adversity.

Our belief is that this imperfect world can be redeemed, the reward is worth the fight, and life is a gift to be treasured. Our works should explore characters that are challenged by those beliefs.
We are dedicated to providing films that entertain while provoking thought and discussion. All our films are produced with an intended G, PG or M rating.

IK Films