I am a director of photography based in New York City.
My later experience in New York in music videos, commercials, corporate, gave me an expertise in a variety of production crafts. I love experimenting with lighting, lenses and filters in order to create an original look as seen my music videos. I feel that is where my talents shine through.
My fifteen years of experience in video editing, motion graphics, color correction, helps to minimize the post-production challenges of finishing on schedule and staying within the budget. I am capable of seeing through a project in it’s entirety from inception to final delivery, including treatments, storyboarding, production and editing.
I see myself as a director of photography who thinks like an editor, an editor who thinks like a director, and a scrappy independent filmmaker who fits comfortably into a corporate environment. My wide array of experience and knowledge should be a valuable asset to any production as a cinematographer, editor or director.